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Making Organic Formulations


A growing library of formulation books with good knowledge and  comprehensive coverage of organic recipes.


Natural and ethically sourced oils and ingredients. Vegan and organic essential oils, carrier oils, body butters, raw ingredients for DIY skincare.


It needn’t be expensive to start formulating. You can get going with items many of which you may have at home or can buy quickly and cheaply online.

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responsibly sourced ingredients

Responsibly Sourced

Better for the environment and better for workers.


Greener Cosmetics

More natural, kinder to you and the planet.

organic product


Less chemicals, less pesticides, better for the birds, the bees and the soil too. 

kinder cleaning products

Kinder Cleaning

Better for the environment, kinder to you.

eco friendly packaging

Better Packaging

Less Plastic, less rubbish, more recycling!

palm oil free cosmetic personal care products

No Palm Oil

Less deforestation, better for nature and climate change.

low carbon footprint products

Low Carbon Footprint

Less carbon, better for climate change.

plant based products

Plant Based

Plant based ingredients are a key part of sustainable products.

products not tested on animals

No Animal Testing

Under no circumstances animal testing!

products with no harmful chemicals

No Harmful Chemicals

No harmful chemicals linked to health issues.


Laboratory Safety & Stability Testing

Specialists in regulatory compliance and microbiological testing.

Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR)

A legal documentation to ensure the safety of your formulations.

Small Scale Manufacture Code: DRLAURA10 for 10%OFF

Prepare your formulation for scale up trials and manufacture.

freelance cosmetic chemist trials and manufacture


when does keratosis pilaris start
Natural Remedy To Treat Keratosis Pilarsis
Dr Laura McArdle

There is one natural remedy to treat keratosis pilaris. This skin problem typically appears as small red pimples or goosebumps. 

natural fabric dye
How To Make Natural Fabric Dye
Dr Laura McArdle

Natural fabric dye is an eco-friendly and inexpensive way to stain clothes and it is making a comeback in the textile industry.

Optimise Your Skincare Formulation
Three Ways To Formulate For Your Active
Dr Laura McArdle

Find the right formulation for your active by designing for efficacy and optimise by following our specific formulating process.

DR.VEGAN is committed to making the world a better place for people, animals and the environment. They are dedicated to providing quality vegan supplements that are made of high quality ingredients that, are sourced from sustainable sources and use responsible packaging.


Kristiana BowerKristiana Bower
17:56 07 Feb 22
I contacted Dr. Laura to inquire on their services. She and the team have been exceptional with their customer service, help and guidance, responding thoroughly on my questions. I'm looking forward further work with them and recommend if you're looking for CPSR services.
Tanya JenkinsTanya Jenkins
19:36 02 Feb 22
Friendly, professional service with good explanations along with advice. Laura was lovely to deal with and I would happily work with her again.


freelance cosmetic formulation chemist CPSR UK

Dr. Laura McArdle is a professional natural product chemist based in the United Kingdom. Specialising in the fermentation and isolation of novel natural compounds from biological sources. She was first exposed to the fermentation and isolation of natural products in 2008 as a postgraduate at The University of Manchester. One aspect of natural products research she appreciates the most, is the diverse nature of the projects encountered.

Through this field of organic chemistry, she further explored her passion for natural products by studying botany and marine natural chemistry.

Natural product research is a creative outlet for Laura and she loves formulating new and unique formulas. She grows and distils various plant sources to create hydrosols and loves using natural ingredient extracts in products.

Through her business The Formulator® she collaborates with a wide range of specialised ‘green’ formulators and experts to support small artisan companies to large scale manufacturing for retail on the global market. 

She is passionate about natural products and provides everything you need to take your product idea and turn it into a reality. Her aim is simple: cut through the clutter and provide access to the tools and expertise entrepreneurs, leaders, researchers and academic institutions need to develop eco-friendly products. 

With Laura’s extensive connections and familiarity with detailed laboratory and manufacturer profiles, contact data and more, she can help point you in the right direction.

Laura is also a keen investor in life science biotech companies, founded on strong sustainable science with the potential to improve the lives of people. Focusing on growing a positive impact on health, science, society and the environment.

Formulated with care, designed with quality, built with integrity.


freelance cosmetic formulation chemist organic skincare ingredients sustainable cosmetics skincare business SMALL SCALE COSMETIC MANUFACTURER

Optimise Your Skincare Formulation