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Three Ways To Optimise Your Formulation

Optimise your skincare formulation by cosmetic efficacy, which is the ability of a cosmetic to provide an aesthetic or protective effect and is one of the most important factors when considering a product purchase. It is also an essential factor when deciding whether or not to use a particular active ingredient on your skin.

The cosmetic industry is one of the most profitable industries in the world. Therefore, it constantly seeks new ingredients to provide customers with the latest products to help them achieve their desired look. This has been the case for decades and will continue to be so in the foreseeable future. Every year, cosmetic companies identify, study, and promote new actives. These actives are used for various purposes, from skin lightening to wrinkle reduction. In the past, cosmetic companies would advertise the benefits of their products without any scientific research to back it up. But with the rise of social media, people are more conscious about what they put on their skin.

Optimise Your Skincare Formulation

Optimise Your Skincare Formulation & The Desired Result

The efficacy of a cosmetic is determined by its ability to produce the desired results, which are often the reduction or elimination of wrinkles, lines and other signs of ageing. Cosmetic efficacy is a crucial factor in determining whether or not a product is worth purchasing.

Many companies have several standard formulations to which the latest active ingredient is simply added. This ensures that they can market their products as containing the latest and greatest ingredient without having to reformulate all of their products. The claimed efficacy of the active ingredient can be assessed by performing small clinical trials with the remaining formulations that passed stability tests to see if it has any effect on lines and wrinkles, hydration levels, or elasticity. This assessment can be done by looking at before-and-after photos or videos of individuals who use the product and comparing them to those who don’t. In most cases, no efficacy is seen in the active ingredient in the standard formulation and the active is discarded. Standard formulations do not produce the best product because they ignore the principle of efficient active ingredient delivery.

Optimise Your Skincare Formulation

The Delivery System

The formulation of cosmetic products has always been about keeping them stable and safe for people to use over time. When you optimise your skincare formulation is not just about what is seen on the surface but rather how well it works under the skin and the ability of a topical formulation to deliver an active agent to a target site. For example, the topical formulation must be able to deliver an active agent such as vitamin C or retinol to the skin. The cosmetic formulation should have a delivery system that can carry the active agent through the layers of skin and maintain it in a stable condition at its target site. The delivery system must withstand the environment and not degrade too quickly so that it can still be effective when applied to the skin.

To understand how well a cosmetic product works, we need to assess the efficacy of its ingredients. With the introduction of new technologies such as nanotechnology, ingredients can penetrate deeper into the skin, allowing for better efficacy. Therefore, cosmetic formulations should contain ingredients and have a manufacturing procedure to obtain cosmetic efficacy. To create an efficacious cosmetic product, many factors need to be considered, such as the pH balance of the final formulation, the stability of all ingredients in relation to each other, and how well they will interact with skin cells. These factors must be taken into account when selecting ingredients as well as when determining manufacturing procedures.

Cosmetic products can be delivered through many different formulations, including lotions, creams, powders, gels, sprays and aerosols. A cosmetic formulation is a complex system consisting of many components. The quality of the formulation can be determined by its ability to deliver its active ingredients at the desired site and in sufficient concentrations. In addition, the formulation should be personalised to reflect the consumer’s needs. The formulation that is best for you depends on your skin type, your skin condition, and the desired results.

How We Can Help?

Chemists use a database of ingredients, the properties of each ingredient, and their interactions with each other in formulations to make this determination. Using research on the effects of ingredients on skin health and appearance, we can identify suitable emollients that will optimise the efficacy of your formula.

There are three ways you can formulate and you will need to make the decision on what to optimise to:

1. Optimise for the active. This is typically done for active ingredients with poor solubility and is the bottleneck towards obtaining efficacy.

2. Optimise towards the skin. This is the most popular choice. This option ensures that most of the active ingredient will penetrate the stratum corneum. From here, it can go deeper into the layers of the skin.

3. Optimise towards the target concentration. This ensures the active is close to the maximum solubility limit to achieve ultimate drive when leaving the formulation and entering the skin.

If you have an existing formulation already, we will identify the most optimal formulation for your product without any guesswork and without having to change any of the ingredients, but only the ratio between them. We can also identify which ingredients should be a certain percentage of your recipe. When you know this information, you can find out how much active ingredient you need to have in your new formulation!

Suppose you would like us to identify the best ingredient to add to your formula. In that case, we will identify the best ingredient to add to optimise the formulation according to your choice (active, target concentration or skin). There’s no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to your formulation. Let us identify the best emollient for your needs so you can get back to other parts of your business. We know how much effort and thought goes into creating a skincare product, so we want to take away the sting in the process. Let us take care of adding one new emollient and make customisation easier.

The system will deliver your active well, and then a formulator can put in a surfactant system, optimise the viscosity, the preservation, the perfume, and stabilise your formulation.

Visit our website and start optimising your formulation. Talk to us about formulating a product that will penetrate your skin or talk to us about consulting on past formulations.

Optimise Your Skincare Formulation

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